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     I used to be able to handle all the cleaning myself, but that's become less and less possible as time went by. But I didn't want standards to drop. That's why I'm so happy I found Bedford Carpet Cleaning Services. They're the only house cleaning service I talked to whose high standards seemed to reflect my own. Everything they've done so far has been exactly what I wanted and I hope to forge a long and successful relationship with them in the future.
Mary E.05/11/2015
     I've been let down by office cleaners in the past, so I was reluctant to try BedfordCarpetCleaners, but cleaning my office was a big problem for myself. I was happy with the service, which was prompt and speedy. There were no faults or problems, and the staff were very friendly. I've already booked my next appointment with them!
May C.14/10/2015
     The amount of times that I've had surprise guests when I just wasn't ready for them is well, frankly embarrassing. It always seemed to happen when my home was in a real state, and I'm always tempted to not answer the door. Oh, the joys of professional cleaners, I thought, as I scheduled a clean up with BedfordCarpetCleaners! The price that they quoted me was far lower than I was expecting, and their cleaners did a very fine job. I get the impression from this wholly professional service that this company really understands what their customers want, and that's really comforting. You know what else is comforting? Not having to worry that someone's going to drop by unexpectedly! Thank you for everything!
F. Kelly29/08/2014

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